Ghada Moubarak

Park Community Manager

Ghada joined Berytech in October 2021 as the Park Community Manager of the Berytech Beirut Digital District 1294 site where she provides support for the members of the community.

Previously, she occupied a similar position at Berytech’s Innovation Park and Community in the Museum district site where she ensured a smooth operation while maintaining Berytech’s high standards of customer service.

Ghada started her career as a Teacher at Soeurs des Saints Coeurs School where she spent a decade educating children with high motivation and enthusiasm.
During that period, Ghada discovered her passion for travel and tourism then opted to diverge her vocation.
She joined Nakhal & Cie as an Operation Manager, Travel Agent, and Tour Guide. She flew the world for 20 years, coordinating and dealing with international travel partners, including airlines, hotels, and foreign travel agencies, organizing tours in Spain, Portugal, France, etc, and escorting groups during their trips. Ghada was adept in planning all aspects of travel and stay, and wholly committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction. As a true professional she always displays a true passion for what she does. Her carrier trained her to multi-task and work under pressure with minimal supervision, all while maintaining a professional attitude.

Ghada holds a bachelor’s degree in Education.

She is fluent in French, English, Spanish, along with Arabic her mother tongue.

She is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace and uses her positive attitude with her colleagues, friends, and family members.

She loves to travel and discover new horizons, cultures, cuisines, and make new friends.

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