Jean-Paul Nohra

Junior Graphic Designer

Jean Paul Nohra joined Berytech in April 2023 as a Junior Graphic Designer in the Communication and Outreach department. He oversees creating different artworks and visuals for separate projects for Berytech. He helps his department with communicating the desired message throughout visuals, whether designs that align with the goals and objectives of a project, creating and maintaining brand guidelines and design systems, or ensuring that designs are consistent across various media, as well as some animation work.

Jean Paul earned his BA in Visual Communication and Advertising in 2018 from the Lebanese University and is currently working on his master’s degree in the same field. After graduating, Jean Paul dived in the professional world and practiced his skills in several workspaces and fields. Jean Paul is a highly conceptual person, always willing to push any idea to the limit and beyond. He has a talent for seeking out creative and innovative solutions and never settles for the first idea that comes to mind. His organizational skills are top-notch, allowing him to multitask and complete any assignment with the utmost professionalism. Through his experience, he has learned not only to complete his own tasks but to go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the company’s sustainability.

Jean Paul finds joy in the physical and mental challenges of basketball and gaming, such as the need for quick reflexes, good hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. Therefore, he spends his time after work playing basketball or online gaming with his friends.

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