Krystel Khalil

Programs Director

Krystel Khalil is currently the Programs Director at Berytech. She manages the projects lab unit, responsible for the design, development, fundraising, partnership development and management of innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development programs, on the local and international scale.

With more than 13 years’ experience in the field of communication, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovation, Krystel has developed an extensive experience in communication and outreach, business development, program development and implementation, from which EU-funded regional projects, tackling various innovation areas including technology, social entrepreneurship, technology transfer, cleantech, green and sustainable energy and more.

She runs communication and roadshow activities to promote entrepreneurship on the local and international level, while assisting entrepreneurs through coaching and advisory in communication strategy, social entrepreneurship and business model. In parallel, she gives university lectures and workshops in marketing research and entrepreneurship.

Krystel is a certified mentor from Mowgli Foundation and Confideo Venture Mentoring – affiliated to MIT. She holds a master’s degree in marketing and a bachelor’s in business from Saint-Joseph University, in addition to a social entrepreneurship diploma from INSEAD. She is a member of the US State Department alumni, part of the US Active Citizen Summit Program.

Krystel has attended entrepreneurship conferences, events and capacity building activities in over 15 countries and currently manages 5 international innovation and entrepreneurship programs at Berytech.

Her expertise: entrepreneurship, social innovation, environmental innovation, technology transfer, communication, coaching and advisory for startups, business development, program and partnership development.

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