Lina Idriss

Program Officer

Lina Idriss joined Berytech in February 2024 as a Program Officer for the Basatine Program. She has a master’s degree in Tourism Management. Lina’s academic journey reflects her deep passion for Sustainable Rural Development, specifically focusing on the development of sustainable tourism in remote areas of Lebanon through her thesis.

With over 6 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, Lina has been a true force in representing the areas of Marjayoun, Jezzine, and Hasbaya administratively as a district coordinator. Beyond administrative roles, she’s been actively involved as a trainer in youth and health programs for a humanitarian organization, bringing her skills and passion to the forefront. Lina continues to contribute as a volunteer for a global organization dedicated to exposing global environmental problems and promoting solutions that are essential to a green, just, and joyful future.

Originating from Alkhiam in South Lebanon, Lina’s roots are firmly grounded and her connection to nature and animals is vibrant. Whether she’s playing the piano, going for runs, engaging in yoga sessions, or jet-setting on a new travel adventure, Lina’s energy is contagious. And if you ever spot cinnamon rolls, rest assured, Lina left her delicious mark!

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