Magalie Boustany 

Legal Counsel

Magalie Boustany joined Berytech in June 2021 and is currently the Legal Counsel. 

She is a law graduate from the “Université Saint – Joseph” and a member of the Beirut Bar Association since February 2016. Magalie also holds a master’s degree in Extensive Public Law and wrote a thesis about “Consensual Democracy and the Budget in Lebanon since 2005”. 

During the past few years, Magalie worked with several law firms and offices and have handled many legal cases. Her work involved representing and assisting clients, preparing cases for trial, drafting legal documents and contracts, legal research and analysis. She now has her own Law Office in her hometown in Chouf. 

Beyond her legal background, Magalie combined her Law degree with a Professional Certificate in Mediation, an Alternative Dispute Resolution that involves resolving disputes without going to court. She wrote her diploma thesis about Political Mediation. She encourages negotiation and communication and has been a Team Coach in the 3rd Interuniversity Mediation Competition. 

Magalie has also been providing academic support to students as a private tutor since 2013. She believes that education is the most important pillar in societies because it helps people become better citizens. When people are educated, they can significantly contribute to their families and societies through various aspects, thus creating a stable and stimulating community. 

Magalie is passionate about learning new languages because it helps boost the brain, improve memory, enhance the ability to multi-task but especially it opens up to new cultures and enhances the ability to communicate in today’s globally connected world.  

Magalie likes to paint in her free time. 

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