Mazen Katrib

Maintenance Manager

Mazen Katrib joined Berytech in January 2004 as the head of the maintenance department. He is responsible for managing all aspects of maintenance such as the proper operation of all Berytech buildings and their mechanical subsystems. The department assumes responsibility for the basic functioning of the buildings facilities, stewardship, the upkeep of all manufacturing assets, defining maintenance budgets and resources, assisting in the design and installation of new systems, and ensuring a preventive maintenance program that will preserve satisfactory equipment conditions, and improve plant reliability.


He last served as the master electrician supervisor at establishment Elias Chafic Asmar. He was in charge of a team of electricians and oversaw their work. He provided technical guidance and support as the team installed, maintained and repaired a project’s electrical system. Maintaining and troubleshooting equipment was part of his job duties as well.


Previously as an electronic technician at Samsung and LG Electronics, Mazen’s main role was to inspect, fix and repair various electronic equipment and components as well as update the software on existing systems.


With his problem-solving ability, his organizational skills as well as versatility and a keen orientation towards detail, Mazen has a strong eye for technical specifics and potential trouble spots. He is a graduate of the Lebanese University in electricity and electronics and has now over 20 years of knowledge and experience in these fields.


Mazen is passionate in adventure sports, such as hiking and biking as well as travelling and exploring new cultures and creating lifetime memories.

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