Nivine Chaaban

Business Advisor – LED Project

Nivine Chaaban joined Berytech in August 2018 as Business Advisor for the Lebanon Enterprise Development project (LED) funded by USAID. In this role, she is assisting local businesses through customized technical assistance to help them identify and solve the problems that are preventing them from increasing sales, and therefore needing to hire more Lebanese. Her two-decade experience is in the banking sector.


She served for five years as the Head of Small Business Enterprises Department at BLC Bank SAL. In this role, she was responsible for the development part of the business; her calling was to promote a well-functioning rapport within a group of 14 RM’s, to manage clients’ dealings in a streamlined optimal approach.


Previously, as Head of Analysis Department in an Alpha Bank, her role was to analyze the credit requests thoroughly and suggest how to improve the loan structure so that it is an acceptable risk.


She joined the banking sector as a Regional Sales Representative. In this role, she was responsible to promote existing and new products, through ongoing visits to all branches in the region and establish action plans for performance related to the regional set goals.


Her twenty years of experience in the banking sector have led to a strong understanding of credit risk assessment. Her skillset is extensive and well balanced between the development side of the business and the fiscal/monetary side of the client credit involvement within the institution.


A people-serving person, speaking English, Arabic and French, she was born in Lebanon. She is a graduate of the University of Saint-Joseph in Business Administration.


Nivine love travelling, sightseeing and listening to music.

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