Noor Maroun

Content Writer

Noor Maroun joined Berytech in January 2024, as a Content Writer for the Communication & Outreach Department. She supports the team in crafting compelling content for diverse media outlets and strives to ensure every message is communicated clearly and concisely.

Noor is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Food Science Engineering. Alongside her studies, she manages StudyLab – a women-led tutoring center that she co-founded in 2019 with two of her university friends.

Throughout her first few years handling the business, she nurtured a passion for content writing and creation, learning everything she needed to succeed from scratch. She fueled her growing interest by taking charge of marketing and creative services, which allowed her to gain hands-on experience.

Noor has been working as a content writer and creator ever since and is beyond happy to blend her scientific knowledge and communication skills here, at Berytech.

Outside of work, Noor loves to recharge by spending quality time by herself, or with her loved ones. Walks, hikes and road trips are what inspire her most, but she also loves spending her nights reading and listening to her favorite tunes.

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