Nour Azzi

Financial Analyst and Senior Accountant

Nour Azzi joined Berytech in November 2019 and is currently a Financial Analyst and Senior Accountant.

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Nour has spent 3 years at a food and beverage company in which she has managed to earn the title of Senior Accountant due to her consistency and hard work. At this company, she was the lead in the accounting department where she fulfilled all necessary tasks including inventory counts, booking event costs, handling client relationships on all levels and preparing VAT declarations with the external auditors. Additionally, she added to her learning path costing, budgeting and reporting.

Nour got her start in the accounting industry as an administrator in several insurance companies. During this period, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting and Audit from Sagesse University.

Nour manages to keep a work-life balance. Her happy place is Thai boxing and food. She’s always on the lookout for a new or trendy restaurant and never forgets to relieve her stress and burn those calories with a few punches and kicks.

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