Nour Rizkallah

Program Officer

Nour Rizkallah joined Berytech in August 2023 as the Program Officer for the ARYAF and BASATINE Programs. She is responsible for coordinating and executing various activities associated with program implementation. Nour oversees and assists in managing events, ensuring the smooth progression of the programs.

Nour holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus on environment and land use planning, as well as a master’s degree in environmental sciences and management from Saint Joseph University of Beirut. Over the years, she has combined academic expertise with hands-on experience across diverse sectors, making sure to always move the needle towards a better world.

Her dedication to environmental and societal causes is evident in her work with various NGOs.  At ACTED, Nour has designed workshops, proposed innovative solutions, and led awareness campaigns on critical issues such as climate change and water resources management. Collaborating with CEEDD and schoolteachers, she has contributed to the development of educational plans aligned with sustainable development goals, showcasing her commitment to fostering positive change at both local and global levels.  Finally, Nour’s involvement with a local sustainable tour operator company, where she played a crucial role in crafting eco-friendly and rural touristic itineraries across the country, has allowed her to discover the potential of the country in the process.

Beyond her professional pursuits, when she is not helping the world, she is usually capturing its beauty. A passionate wanderer, her love for exploration extends to road trips across the country and beyond.  Being a member of the Lebanese Scout Association for more than 10 years has enriched her understanding of the interconnectedness of ecosystems and cultures, highlighting the positive impact such connections can have on communities.

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