Pascale Khoury

Park Community Manager

Pascale Khoury joined Berytech in July 2015 as Park Community Manager – Berytech Innovation Park Mar Roukoz. Her first experience was in the humanitarian field with interventions with needy persons.


She graduated from Saint Joseph university as social worker. Her first job experience was with a group of adolescents and delinquents in one of the vulnerable areas in Beirut. Passionate about her work, she is dedicated to solving problems through good communication skills and finding the best solutions and the best outcomes.


Her experience varies from humanitarian works to a multinational company in several fields, such as marketing and media. After travelling to several countries, she gained a multicultural taste which has enabled her to approach the community she manages with openness and motivation. Her will is to connect people together by organizing creative activities, allowing tenants to interact and network.


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