Raghid Jarrah

Communication and Outreach Coordinator

Raghid Jarrah joined Berytech in July 2021 and is currently a Communication and Outreach Coordinator. He supports the team on various ongoing projects such as ARYAF, DAWERR, REAF, SAFI, WE4F, and others.

Raghid studied petroleum engineering at the Beirut Arab University (BAU), and during his studies, he found his passion in volunteering, social activities, events, and conferences, especially on the organizational and operational levels. 

During his final year at BAU he helped Front Page Communication (FPC) organize an Oil & Gas University Talk, which played a pivotal role in his career, as upon his graduation FPC offered him a job in communications as a Public Relations Executive. Being a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and a Student Representative, Raghid gained excellent interpersonal skills by facilitating several events across multiple disciplines. He took part in a journalism program which improved his strategic analysis and the success of his projects.   

He worked with FPC for 2 years and focused mainly on tech and process methodology in support of the Client Service team; in addition, he was in charge of Media Relations and participated in strategic brainstorming for both existing clients (namely, Samsung Levant) and new business development (e.g., Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI); MEFOSA). 

As a believer in Diversity & Inclusion, he was a speaker at the Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) 2019 convention’s workshop “Lebanese Women and Youth: The Power of Change.”  

Raghid’s track record also shows an insatiable passion for continuing education. He has earned a significant number of certificates, certifications, and internship recognitions since he was in secondary school to date, and he never stops taking online courses to broaden and deepen his learning. 

Raghid exudes a congenial, approachable, and collaborative personality, and he ably communicates in Arabic, French, and English, with Spanish being a recent addition to his language skills. 

He also enjoys outdoor activities and baking, if you ever pass by the office, you can be assured, he always has something sweet to share with you. 

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