Rudy Daniel

Communication and Outreach Coordinator

Rudy Daniel joined Berytech in December 2022 as the Communication and Outreach Coordinator on the ACT Smart initiative. He supports the team in managing the initiative’s communication strategy, events and activities to ensure it is communicated in the best way possible.

His journey in communications started when he studied and received his BA in Mass Media and Communications degree – Summa cum laude (honors) from the University of Balamand.

After graduating, Rudy’s experiences in the field earned him the titles of Digital Marketer, Content Writer, and Marketing and Content Strategy Trainer.

Throughout his path, he found himself working in the startup ecosystem, where he led numerous online campaigns for startup conferences and program launches, as well as delivered 150+ hours of training to startups and young changemakers.

As a strong advocate for social change, Rudy is a Vice Curator at the Global Shapers community – a global network of young changemakers conceived by the World Economic Forum, where they drive dialogue, action and change in their local communities.

In addition, Rudy has an overactive imagination and a unique sense of humor that he often channels into his writing and his work. Outside working hours, he is a video game fanatic who also enjoys hiking, deep sea diving and paragliding.

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