Semaan Jaffane

Senior Grants and Finance Officer

Semaan Jaffane joined Berytech in December 2023 and currently holds the Senior Grants and Finance Officer position. His experience in the banking sector shaped him into a seasoned credit officer who boasts a career featured by astute financial understanding and risk management commitment.

With a strong understanding of corporate and retail credit analysis, Semaan entered the banking industry 9 years ago, quickly ascending the ranks. Throughout his career, he has shown a keen ability to analyze financial statements, assess creditworthiness and mitigate lending risks. He navigated complex financial landscapes with precision across various industries. Semaan has played a pivotal role in streamlining credit processes for numerous SME programs, including BDL Subsidized loans, KAFALAT, ESFD, EU and We-Initiative, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and fostering Business Support, Innovation, Job Creation and Gender equality. His strategic insights have demonstrated invaluable in improving the overall credit portfolio.

Beyond his professional achievements, Semaan commits to continuous learning, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing and a master’s degree in International Marketing and Management from Antonine University, With a reputation for integrity and a track record of successful credit management.

Engaging with nature during his off-duty time is one of the practices Semaan follows to increase mind fullness in addition to his culinary hobby that helps him to unleash creativity and share precious time with his family and friends.

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