Slayman Fawaz

Program Manager

Slayman Fawaz joined Berytech in May 2023 as a Program Manager for BASATINE. He is  a bachelor’s degree graduate in International Business Management, alongside the Project Management Professional intensive course. Additionally, Slayman has six years of experience in the peacebuilding and humanitarian sectors in Lebanon. In his previous work at Search for Common Ground, he coordinated projects in Lebanon that focus on gender, men engagement and masculinities, youth engagement, media, and women, peace & security, in addition to supporting the leadership and management team in the strategic planning at the office level and program level.

Moreover, Slayman has an extensive experience in delivering training and workshops and building and developing the capacities of community members, I/NGOs and government staff on topics related Profound stress and attunement, Common Ground Approach (CGA) and Community Dialogue Approach (CDA), etc.

During his six years of experience in the humanitarian field in Lebanon, he worked in the most marginalized and underrepresented areas and poverty squares in the South, Nabatiyeh and Mount Lebanon governorates, as well as Qaa and Arsal. And took part in many remarkable national advocacy campaigns during his work on Gender Equality.

Throughout his work experience, Slayman learned how to define project objectives and coordinate logistical, administrative and program support functions and how to set priorities in work execution and balancing their  different requirements which helped him develop his abilities in strategic planning.

In the process, Slayman strengthened his interpersonal skills which helped him build solid relationships with colleagues and stakeholders he worked with.  On a field level, his engagement in different missions helped him develop skills to accept, adapt and manage the different situations that may arise, take initiatives when necessary, and develop autonomy in his work.

In more details, he particularly show strength in key responsibilities such as management of projects and teams, in addition to supporting in public relations and organization of logistics to make valuable contributions across all sides of implementation. Utilizing multitasking and motivational skills to push projects and colleagues to peak results has also been one of my successes.

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