Tina El Boustany

Deputy Regional Innovation Hub Manager

Tina El Boustany joined Berytech in September 2020 and is currently the Deputy Regional Innovation Hub Manager for WE4F MENA. She plays a key role in the design, development, and oversight of the Grant management and TA procurement policies, procedures, and practices.


Tina studied and lived in France for a while. She graduated from HEC School of Management in Paris with a master’s in management – finance emphasis. Before that, she had attended Lycée Henri IV to prepare for the competitive exam of HEC. There, she got exposed to public policies – including in agriculture, and economic development pathways of both developed and emerging countries.


Tina previously worked as a regional finance manager and compliance officer for multinational pharmaceutical and medical devices companies covering countries in Middle East, Eastern Europe, and CIS regions. She handled both fiduciary roles and business partnerships roles. She also worked on a program for Economic Empowerment of Women funded by the World Bank.


She promotes active citizenship and has volunteered with Junior Chamber International on capacity building for young professionals and with ALDIC on economic reforms to improve tax fairness and advance sustainable development and social justice goals.


Tina believes in teamwork and in recognizing and building on people strong points. Every person is unique, every task is important, and we all depend on one another to achieve our basic survival needs as human beings as well as our stretched goals as team members, family members, and community members. Tina believes that Love is the best driver for creativity: when there is a will, there is a way.


Tina’s family on her mother’s side has been in farming for generations. She experienced the challenges her uncle faced to sustain the business and wants to improve the livelihood of farmers and access to food for the poorest while preserving environment. This falls in line with joining Berytech and she is very happy to work the WE4F project for which it is the ultimate objective.


Tina likes travelling and discovering new places and cultures. She likes history and places with specific character. Recently, she started gardening.

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