Walid Freih

Junior Art Director

Walid Freih joined the communication and outreach team as Berytech’s visual designer in January 2019, and is currently the Junior Art Director. He is in charge of the creation and delivery of a range of design work in digital and print for Berytech. He thinks creatively to produce new ideas and concepts and develop engaging design which in turn help promote Berytech’s activities and programs.

Walid holds a B.A. degree in Graphic Design from the American University of Science & Technology. Prior to joining Berytech, he had the chance to work at many organizations that allowed him to gain diverse experiences across several different industries and audiences.

Walid is fascinated with how a creative outlook plays a vital role in life. His passion for design also gave him the opportunity to work as a freelancer for several companies in UAE and Qatar. He used to work remotely from Lebanon and was mindful of the quality and results suited for their markets.

After long working hours, Walid likes to be surrounded by friends, chilling out, raising a few glasses and sharing good food. Exercising is his best stress reliever and his favorite plan to stay healthy and fit.

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