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Youmna Younes

Business Advisor

Youmna Younes joined Berytech in September 2019 and is currently a Business Advisor for the Women Economic Empowerment in Lebanon (WEEL) program. After spending close to a decade working as a Relationship Manager in the Commercial Lending for Small and Medium Enterprises in one of the leading banks in Lebanon, Youmna gained a strong experience in the banking sector and more specifically in the SMEs segment in Lebanon.


As a Relationship Manager, she built client relationships based upon developing strategies to their financial goals using financial planning and wealth management, in compliance with the banking sector rules and regulations. While successfully promoting the banks’ financial products and loans, she managed to develop and cultivate a client base of business owners via prospected and serviced potential new clients.


Youmna dealt with a wide spectrum of the Lebanese business market with its different industries and sectors, she researched and learned about several types of industries over the years. Thus, she was able to identify the success and failure points of different businesses and acted as a business advisor for her clientele’s portfolio.


In the first year of her banking career, she did a rotation across several departments in the bank, in order to gain a good knowledge of the banking products and procedures. And throughout her career, she acquired several banking financial qualifications, which were certifications required by the Central Bank of Lebanon and provided by ESA Beirut.


Youmna is a BA graduate in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, and is currently pursuing her Maters in Entrepreneurship and Project Management.


Following her fruitful and long experience with the Small and Medium Enterprises, she decided to invest her knowledge in a project that offers support to the Lebanese community by creating jobs and improving local businesses.


In her free time, Youmna spends her day in nature on hiking trails and discovering hidden gems in Lebanon. She’s a Nature lover and a passionate photographer of landscapes.

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