Podcast #8: Chadi Tannous, CPO of The Three Brothers Gin

The BerytechBeat chats with Chadi Tannous, Chief Production Officer of The Three Brothers, a Lebanese company best known for its bathtub gin. Chadi tells us how the Three Brothers have approached Lebanese alcohol production with consistency, innovation and a continuous sense of brotherhood as they continue to reap new awards on the international scene.

The Three Brothers Gin is a Lebanese gin company that started making handcrafted bathtub gin in 2018. The company, named after the founding brothers and paying homage to one lost brother, has accumulated years of experience in mixology, alcohol, and nightlife.

The BerytechBeat chats with Chadi Tannous, Chief Production Officer of The Three Brothers, who talks about working with Lebanese Juniper Berries to create a gin that has received a gold medal in The World Gin Awards, managing product development, and a growing team and balancing work and family life with the infinite wisdom of a bartender. Chadi expands on the growing gin market both in Lebanon and internationally which has facilitated the company’s growth and added healthy competition and a demanding customer. 

About the Podcast: 

The BerytechBeat podcast interviews Lebanon’s most inspiring founders, operators, investors, and innovators. They share their stories of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, and fundraising. They also dive into their personal journeys of growth, setbacks, failures, and learnings. Berytech has catalyzed the creation of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem since its launch in 2002, and in the last 20 years has supported 5000+ entrepreneurs including 1700+ startups and SMEs to start, grow and scale. Show host, Maya Rahal, is Berytech’s Director of Communication and has spent 12+ years supporting and enabling entrepreneurs in Lebanon. 

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