DairyTech Open Day

Thursday, March 3, 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm, Via Zoom

Berytech and ELCIM at Industrial Research Institute (IRI) are organizing the second DairyTech Open Day, an online event engaging participants and stakeholders to co-create the future, explore business opportunities and respond to the most pressing challenges of the Dairy Value Chain (DVC).

Participants will be given the opportunity to attend workshops and panel discussions, book one-on-one meetings and listen to inspirational talks from successful people in the industry. The online event will also host entrepreneurs and startups who will showcase to the public their innovative solutions in the dairy industry.

The DairyTech Open Day is the second in an upcoming series of Living Labs Open Days organized as part of the TRANSDAIRY Living Lab activities and aiming at bringing together experts, farmers, researchers, business actors and startups to discuss and demonstrate the most promising Key Enabling Technologies (KET) within the DVC.

The event is implemented by Berytech and ELCIM at Industrial Research Institute (IRI), representing the Lebanese Partners for the TRANSDAIRY Project. The Open Day event will be implemented by both Partners in Lebanon in parallel with similar events that will be held within the regional partners’ countries: Tunisia, Greece and Italy.

Who Can Attend

The event is open to public and presents a great knowledge and networking opportunity for:

  • Innovators, entrepreneurs and startups working on Dairy Value Chain solutions in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nano technologies industries.
  • Independent farmers and farming industries looking for opportunities to integrate best practices and the latest innovations in their supply chain.
  • University students, alumni, researchers from target faculties, governmental research agencies, and technology transfer officers working on business or research projects in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nano technologies industries.
  • SMEs and NGOs working on spin-off projects in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nano technologies industries.
  • Investors and Venture Capital Funds interested in supporting innovative solutions in the Dairy, ICT, or Bio/Nano technologies industries.

Opportunities Presented

Participants will have access to numerous benefits during and after the event:

  • Access to workshops, pitching session, panels, networking with key stakeholders in the Dairy Value Chain, ICT and Bio/Nano technologies.
  • Find out the latest trends on the Dairy Value Chain from demonstrations, inspirational talks and networking
  • Attend live pitching session of entrepreneurs and startups working to create innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in the industry.
  • Join a large community of stakeholders coming together to share ideas, technologies, know-how, research and expertise.
  • Access to the TRANSDAIRY regional online collaborative platform which features a database of Dairy Value Chain regional demand and offer and allows communication and networking among regional innovators, suppliers, partners, prospective clients, etc. 

Grab your Invitation to participate and benefit from the subsequent TRANSDAIRY activities for 2022, which include: Cross Border Brokerage Events – matching innovators with innovation seekers on a regional level and specialized Trainings on innovation management, benchmarking, technology transfer etc.

The Participating Solutions

Local production of a yellow cheese – Mozzarella which is more in demand by customers and has a longer shelf life.

Healthy yogurt for adults and children sweetened with natural fruits

Gelato ice cream from natural milk, produced from sheep and goats grazing on rain fed marginal lands and mountains.

A Ready-to-eat Snack made of cheese and dried fruits.

Healthy handmade dairy pantry made from Labne, Keshek and Chanklish.

An agricultural project involved in both agrifood and agriculture sectors mainly focusing on dairy products such as laban, labne , halloum, aakawi, double cream and it’s seaking to produce boursin cheese.

Usage of all food resources in smart ways to limit waste and give it the ultimate value.


3:30-3:45 pm

Welcome Session

  • Welcome note 

Mr. Naji Abi-Zeid, Director ELCIM – Industrial Research Institute

  • Welcome note 

Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy General Manager – Berytech

  • Keynote Speaker

Mr Jack Kallassi- CEO of Kallassi Group & President of the Lebanese Dairy Board

Export potential of Lebanese dairy products(TBC)

3:30-3:45 pm

Pitching Sessions with 3 Dairy-Preneurs:

– Jana Mehyedine, Production of Mozzarella Cheese

– Aysha Al Sayed, Kleel Eljabal

– Rita El Hage, Fruzy

3:45-4:30 pm

Panel Discussion: Technical Regulations and Applied Research in the Dairy Value Chain

Moderated by Ms Sandra Sarkis, Manager at Lebanon SoftShore Cluster.

  • National Technical Standards & their application in the DVC, encountered problems with Lebanese dairies

Dr Joseph Matta, Applied Research & Testing Director at the Industrial Research Institute

  • Applied research and innovation in the Dairy Value Chain,    Mr Mazen Khoury, Owner-Dairy Khoury
  • How could ICT technology support compliance and Innovation in the DVC and at which level could it be introduced?

Mr Mario Akl, General Manager Maliatec

4:30-4:50 pm

Pitching Sessions with 4 Dairy-Preneurs:

– Asma Moustafa, Akkar Dairies

– Layal El Maalouf, Le Goûter

-Faten Istaytiyyah, Gelato ice cream production from sheep and goat milk

-Sarah Harb, Bionord

4:50-5:35 pm

Round tables Groups

  • Round Table 1:

Strategic approach to support growth in the Lebanese DVC

Moderated by ELCIM-IRI

  • Round Table 2:

Push the small ruminant subsector through technology

Moderated by Berytech

5:35-5:45 pm

Brief on Focus Groups

5.45pm – 5.50pm


Join the Dairy Tech Open Day on March 3,2022

The TRANSDAIRY Project in Brief

Coordinated by the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” (Italy), TRANSDAIRY Project aims to enhance the technological transfer among research, industry and SMEs in the fields of Key Enabling Technologies applied to the Dairy Value Chain, by the creation of Living Labs, the increase of institutional capacities through training, and the development of market intelligence for sustainability and consolidation of spin-offs.

The project in Numbers

  • Duration: 30 months
  • The total budget of the project is €3.8 million with an EU contribution of €3.4 million (90%).
  • Main source of funding: European Union (ENI CBC Med Programme)


The project will provide financial support for the creation of startups, registration of patents, publications, training classes and workshops in a total of 8 living labs distributed across the Mediterranean area (Italy, Lebanon, Greece, and Tunisia).

EU-funded project under the ENI-CBC Med Program

Home to some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, hub for trade and transport, unique hotspot for biodiversity, the Mediterranean faces a multitude of common challenges, including climate change, pollution, youth unemployment and social inequality.

Acting together to address these challenges and improve the lives of men and women across the region is the impetus for the 2014-2020 ENI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme”. ENI CBC Med is the largest Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) initiative implemented by the EU under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI).

The Programme brings together the coastal territories of 14 EU and partner countries, including Lebanon, in view of fostering fair, equitable and sustainable development on both sides of the EU’s external borders.

Need more info?

If you have any questions about the TRANSDAIRY Project, please email Ms. Camille Mallat at camille.mallat@berytech.org, and she will get back to you.