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Lebanon Waste Management

Lebanon Waste Management is a solution tackling the recycling of plastic and sand glass turning them into tiles and bricks. 


Sofra produces natural and biodegradable single-use plates and bowls based on citrus and garlic processing wastes to replace single-use plastics in cutlery and packaging applications. 


Sorters in an online platform that aims to optimize the work of recycling facilities by easily linking them to their customers.


INFRASTIC is a startup working on a new construction technology, made up of plastic ‎processed pigments to replace ‎the traditional hollow block.‎

Collect to Create

Collect to Create is a startup working on transforming unwanted and broken items into useful and artistic products.


Enlight is a startup working on upcycling and upgrading any type of old lighting system


Toddin is a startup working on reducing waste into refurbished and up-cycled toys.


FabricAID is a Lebanese social enterprise that enables underprivileged people to get decent clothing at affordable prices, while reducing fabric waste.

Live Love Recycle

Live Love Recycle is a mobile application that connects people keen to sort their waste and to recycle.

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