Podcast #10: Rabih El Chaar, Co-founder of Nadeera

The BerytechBeat Podcast chats with Rabih Chaar, Co-founder of Nadeera, a social enterprise providing innovative solutions for waste management. Rabih talks about growing his startup in the Lebanese ecosystem, creating gamified digital solutions for waste management and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

With its digital solutions, Nadeera has closed the gap in the waste value chain, from collecting to valorization and recycling. Its gamified solution, Yalla Return, allows people to convert their recyclables to cash, while its newest developed solution, Relist, creates a transparent online marketplace for recyclables.  

Rabih Chaar, co-founder of Nadeera, talks to the BerytechBeat about how the startup, a Berytech alumni, navigated the entrepreneurial ecosystem benefitting from multiple support programs to launch and scale.  

He dives into the infinite challenges of waste management in Lebanon, and how Nadeera is playing a rounded role in providing scalable solutions to the Lebanese waste crisis, starting with waste diversion at the very beginning of the waste generation chain to introducing sustainable, nationwide solutions in face of the catastrophic temporary solutions that will eventually lead to a social and environmental calamity.    

Rabih takes us through his own entrepreneurial experiences where becoming an entrepreneur meant moving from a safe place to a high-risk place where the secret to success is to disconnect from the reality of potential failure and hold on to his original vision. To him, entrepreneurship does not come without a plethora of sacrifices, but the satisfaction of accomplishing today what he might regret missing in the future makes it worthwhile. 

About the Podcast  

The BerytechBeat podcast interviews Lebanon’s most inspiring founders, operators, investors, and innovators. They share their stories of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, and fundraising. They also dive into their personal journeys of growth, setbacks, failures, and learnings. Berytech has catalyzed the creation of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem since its launch in 2002, and in the last 20 years has supported 5000+ entrepreneurs including 1700+ startups and SMEs to start, grow and scale. Show host, Maya Rahal, is Berytech’s Director of Communication and has spent 12+ years supporting and enabling entrepreneurs in Lebanon.   

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