Podcast #12: Audrey Nakad, Co-founder of Ostaz

Listen to Audrey as she delves into topics such as inspiration, investment, acquisition, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Audrey recognized a significant gap in connecting students with tutors during her time as a tutor, encountering difficulties in establishing connections with students. This drove her to establish Synkers, which later evolved into Ostaz. Collaborating closely with a dedicated team, she meticulously crafted and improved the digital platform to provide a smooth and dependable experience for both students seeking tutoring and tutors seeking additional income.

Ostaz has a personalized matching approach that caters to all learning needs, connecting students with proficient private tutors and supporting them throughout their educational journey. Audrey’s vision extends to creating the world’s largest online school, and her innovative approach to education earned her a spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. The platform was acquired by global private school provider Inspired Education Group and will see the EdTech platform expand to new markets. 

In this twelfth episode of BerytechBeat, we engage in a conversation with Audrey about her beginnings in the Lebanese ecosystem, the support she received, and how she harnessed economic and health crises to expand her impact on the lives of students and tutors not only in Lebanon but also in multiple countries.

Tune in to her captivating story as she delves into topics such as inspiration, investment, acquisition, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

About the Podcast

The BerytechBeat podcast interviews Lebanon’s most inspiring founders, operators, investors, and innovators. They share their stories of entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy, management, and fundraising. They also dive into their journeys of growth, setbacks, failures, and learnings. Berytech has catalyzed the creation of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem since its launch in 2002, and in the last 20 years has supported 5000+ entrepreneurs including 1700+ startups and SMEs to start, grow, and scale. In its first season, the podcast was hosted by Maya Rahal, she was Berytech’s Director of Communication and has spent 12+ years supporting and enabling entrepreneurs in Lebanon.

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