3a Droub Zahle

3a Droub Zahle is a startup that aims to improve the livelihood of the local community in Zahle city by reviving the local tourism industry. The company offers a range of unique and personalized guided experiences that showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and vibrant lifestyle. By promoting tourism in Zahle, 3a Droub Zahle is helping to create new job opportunities, generate income for local businesses, and preserve the city’s patrimony.

The company’s guided experiences are carefully crafted to offer visitors an authentic and unforgettable journey that will leave a lasting impact on the inhabitants’ lives. From exploring the city’s historic landmarks and sampling its delicious cuisine, to hiking through its scenic valleys and vineyards, 3a Droub Zahle offers something for everyone. By highlighting the city’s unique charm and beauty, the company is helping to establish Zahle as a must-visit destination for tourists, and a source of pride for its residents.

  • 3a Droub Zahle was previously enrolled in Batch 1 of the REAF program.

Team Members

Daniele Khayat / Co-Founder

Chloe Joseph Maatouk / Co-Founder