Ghosn – Trade & Industry

Established in South Lebanon in the year 2000, Ghosn for Trade and Industry is specialized in the pickle manufacturing industry. The mission is to produce a selection of pickles that exemplify quality and taste, setting a standard for the industry. The central milestone came in 2008 when Ghosn for Trade and Industry started its export operations, after shifting their business from filling already-made pickles to producing pickles through the whole production process, marking a significant step in the company’s growth path.
The company’s approach is an active contribution to the local farming community that involves purchasing seasonal vegetables, about 560 tons per year, directly from seven local farmers, one from al-Khiyam and six others from the Beqaa region. This not only guarantees a fresh and diverse range of produce but also reinforces support for local agriculture. The product range covers the entire spectrum of pickles falling under the vegetable industry, and cucumber pickles have become the best-selling items. These cucumbers, like all products, are crafted without preservatives, ensuring a natural and authentic taste.

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