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Join the 3rd wave of innovators to transform your Cleantech solutions in water, waste, energy, or transportation into a scalable startup through expert guidance and $29K in cash grants. 

Clyntech startup accelerator

The accelerator in brief

We hold a track record in growing Lebanon's top cleantech startups

The Clyntech Accelerator is a dynamic 10-month program by Berytech, designed to support entrepreneurs with tech innovations in the cleantech sector. We provide the essential resources, knowledge, networks, and funding needed to accelerate your startup’s growth. 

12 Startups

supported per batch

10-Month Support

throughout two phases

Up to $29K

Cash Grants

Eligibility criteria

Who is this program for exactly?

We’re on the lookout for top-notch cleantech startups with innovative tech that:

  • Are partially or fully operating in Lebanon
  • Have at least two co-founders, one of whom is Lebanese
  • Working on a tech-enabled or science-based product or service
  • Have a validated prototype or MVP in the cleantech value chain
  • Have a multidisciplinary and complementary team
  • Preferably have a positive social or environmental impact
  • Are willing to commit to a 10-month program

What solutions are we looking for?

Since clean technology aims to address environmental challenges, we are looking for innovative solutions that focus on reducing negative environmental impacts, promoting sustainability and enhancing resource efficiency. The most promising opportunities in cleantech are: 

Water & Wastewater Management

Covering solutions such as monitoring forecasts, process controls, wastewater treatment, metals removal, water treatment, and clean water reuse.

solid waste management

Covering solution in waste reduction and recycling, disposal capacity and second material market, waste management and transportation, and utilizing energy content for waste. This could also span across sustainable materials and packaging, circular economy, and waste management.


Covering solutions such as public transportation, energy-efficient vehicles, the use of big data in transport management, smart car-sharing, improving infrastructures, green transportation, Biofuels, emission reduction, and fuel dependency.


Covering solutions in energy creation (wind, solar, water, biomass), energy efficiency and optimization, resource management systems. This includes solutions that span across renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, smart grid, energy storage, carbon capture.

Reasons to apply

Here’s what we can offer you

Startup Funding

Benefit from $27K cash injections for accelerated startups.

Prototyping Facilities

Access our state-of-the-art Electronics & Hardware Fabrication Lab with expert technical support.

Business Coaching

Be part of bootcamps, training, and one-on-one mentoring sessions to develop crucial entrepreneurial skills.

Customer Access

Gain promising connections and visibility in local & international markets.

Industry Connections

Build linkages to the cleantech community and tap into a pool of dedicated local and international experts.

Immersion trips

Get the opportunity to travel to one of the top cleantech accelerators in Europe, the Yes!Delft accelerator at The Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands.

The program's timeline

Throughout your journey in the Clyntech program, you will receive training and mentorship on product development, marketing and go-to-market, finance, legal, intellectual property, management, fundraising, governance and pitching.  

In other words, you’ll be building and optimizing your MVP, testing it with early adopters, refining your financial and marketing strategies, and perfecting your pitch; all while sharpening your entrepreneurial skills as startup founder. 

Acceleration Phase

Twelve selected startups will receive capacity building and join the Acceleration phase where they will benefit from: 

Incubation Phase

Out of the 12 startups, 8 will be selected to continue to the Incubation phase where they will benefit from: 

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