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DAWERR: From Fashion to Landfill: How to break the Chain - 1200 x 628

From Fashion to Landfill: How to Break the Chain

The fashion industry is witnessing an increase in fast fashion generated by cheaper and speedier manufacturing and shipping methods. This trend is driven by consumers’ desire for the latest styles and their increasing purchasing power It has resulted in a significant environmental problem; textile waste, which is classified into two major types: pre-consumer and post-consumer textile waste.

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DAWERR: Electronic Plastic Waste, A Lurking Danger - 1200 x 628

Electronic Plastic Waste, A Lurking Danger 

Technological progress has enriched billions by enhancing lives globally. The accessibility and production of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (EEE) have driven their widespread incorporation in households. These devices, including phones, laptops, and appliances, contain e-plastics; without proper management, they exacerbate the e-waste crisis, though some items endure longer, while disposal varies.

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