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Lebanon Export Academy in Brief

Lebanon Export Academy is the first-of-its-kind academy to equip Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and cooperatives in Lebanon with the needed know-how to scale up their operations and increase their readiness to export.

The academy offers in-person and online classes along with self-paced courses on various topics related to export readiness, including how to write an export plan, conduct market research, understand export documentation and legal requirements, set export prices, and find suitable financing options among other topics.

Lebanon Export Academy is implemented by UNIDO and UNDP under the joint UN – Productive Sectors Development Program (PSDP), that aims to support gender-responsive job creation and economic opportunities in the agriculture and agri-food sectors, prioritizing women and female youth in disadvantaged areas.

In the first phase of the launching, the courses will be provided to companies and entrepreneurs from the Agriculture and Agri-food sectors; however, at a later stage, courses will be accessible for companies in other productive sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, ICT and technology and media, and telecommunication.

Beneficiaries' Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the training courses, you should be:

  • An MSME working in the Agri-food and Agriculture sectors
  • Formally registered
  • A company with at least 3 employees
  • Two senior representatives from each company dedicated to the program, including at least one woman


In the first phase, at least 70 MSMEs and cooperatives from the Agriculture and Agri-food sectors will benefit from the training, 40 of which will be women-led businesses.

Courses are designed in an accessible way for a variety of audiences from different academic and professional levels, targeting both early stage as well as established exporters.

Companies can subscribe to course packages or take individual courses depending on their needs.

Self-paced courses will also be available to give busy executives access at their convenient times.

    Why You Should Join

    Increase access to quality and affordable specialized and practical trainings to MSMEs
    Get access to quality, affordable, specialized, and practical trainings about exporting.
    Increase capacity of MSMEs to scale up and expand across borders

    Increase your capacity to scale up and expand across borders.

    Enhance self-sufficiency in sectors that have potential for growth & regional expansion 

    Create more jobs and contribute to inclusive economic growth in Lebanon.

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    Applications are now closed

    Applications are open. Apply now and be among the first MSMEs to join the academy!

    Lebanon Export Academy is funded through the generous contribution of the Government of Canada

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    The Lebanon Export Academy is implemented by UNIDO and UNDP in partnership with Berytech, and is part of the Productive Sectors Development Program, a 3-year program funded through the generous contribution of the Government of Canada.

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