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BIOwayste – The University of Balamand

BIOwayste offers a green alternative to benefit from food waste and convert it into renewable resources.

Renewable Energy Applications In Lebanon – Saint Joseph University (ESIB)

The team is conducting research concerning the integration of phase change materials (PCM) into the building's envelope in Lebanon during its construction.

Triple P – American University of Beirut

The team is working on mass-produced natural enemies that control various agricultural pests, these biological agents are locally collected and are adapted to our climatic conditions.

PETCRETE – American University of Beirut & Rafic Hariri University

The team is working on a sustainable fiber made from abundant PET plastic to reinforce concrete at a highly competitive cost with higher durability.

Sun Motion – Rafik Hariri University

This team is planning on placing a machine inside ambulances that controls the body of the paramedics to allow them do their work efficiently.

Natural starter cultures production – Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

The startup will constitute a pioneering platform in Lebanon and the region for natural starter cultures productionaimed at the food industries and MSMEs.

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