10 Tips to Maximizing Your Startup Marketing

Tina Rousse, founder of Tina Rousse Consultancy helps businesses in reshaping their marketing techniques and building a brand image which puts the customer’s satisfaction at the center of every initiative.



Here are her top ten tips to making the most out of your marketing efforts:

  1. Secret to Startup Marketing? Combine content marketing and PR. Define your idea of success early and rigidly and stay consistent in sticking to your goals each month.
  2. Focus on your niche. Identify a niche target market and focus on just them. Make sure they are a significant market size who have money to spend on your product.
  3. Work around your tight budget. Set a budget early and accept that limit. Carefully plan how you intend to divide the marketing budget. Assess your actual expenses vs. your budget every month.
  4. Set Your Core Keywords. Start a core keyword list of three to five keywords that summarize your startup.Your core keywords should be based on your value proposition. Build that list of words or phrases to remain highly relevant to your brand.
  5. Set up a blog. Your blog is about publishing great content at the right time to the right people. Design should simply enhance that so make your blog user friendly.
  6. Create authentic content for Social Media. A common mistake is trying to master every social network. Each popular social network has unique characteristics. Content shared on each social media channel requires a different approach, you need to keep testing.
  7. Tap into Influencers. Focus on connecting with people who already have an influence on your target market. Look for how engaged their followers are and check their follower/following ratio. Don’t be fooled by a high follower count.
  8. Solution to a problem. A series of engaging positioning statements is vital: First think of your product as the solution to a common problem then clearly mention what the product is capable of.
  9. Media relationships. Pitch to only writers/journalists who already write about your industry. Build real relationships and get to know the identified journalists on a personal, non-promotional level first. In due time, those relationships will benefit you and your startup.
  10. Build a calendar. Create a topic list based on your core keywords. Put all of your ideas on a social media calendar once you have around 15-20 topics and then elaborate.



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