195 Lives Saved With The Donner Sang Compter Blood Drive

Posted on May 11, 2018

Did we ever tell you how proud we are that you are part of the Berytech Community? If we haven’t done that before we just found an occasion (not that we need one!)

130 community members showed up at the blood drive in our three sites. We were able to gather 65 units of blood in three days. Each unit saves 3 lives which means that with your dedication we will be able to save 195 lives. If that is not a job well done, we don’t know what is.

The blood drive was organized in three Berytech sites with the help of the volunteers of Donner Sang Compter. The NGO is dedicated to providing blood for patients in need through a centralized database of potential donors, and through frequent blood donation campaigns. 

If you can and want to donate and have not had the chance, you can still register in DSC database here and they will contact you when blood is needed. You can also help them out by becoming a volunteer.