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Zoom In: Xtend, Organic Food Grade Patch for Longer Shelf Life

Xtend provides an organic, food grade patch that can be added to the packaging material of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to help extend their shelf life.

Zoom In: BRB, High-Quality Local Fresh Pasta

BRB is a Lebanese fresh pasta brand produced locally with fresh ingredients to replace imported pasta in the market.

Zoom In: Crowdfarming Lebanon, Access to Finance in Agriculture Sector

CrowdFarming Lebanon is a fintech startup aiming to help Lebanese farmers & agri-agro alimentary initiatives secure financing via crowdfunding in the form of loans.

Zoom In: Dooda, Restoring Soil Health with Organic Worm Compost

Dooda Solutions is a women-led earthworm farm specializing in vermicompost, an organic soil amendment that restores soil health, increases the yield per plant and seed germination and reduces[...]

Zoom In: NaturaChem, Science-Based Consulting Solutions

NaturaChem provides consulting and advisory services to companies that need reliable scientific support by providing sustainable and valid solutions.

Zoom In: Yummi Tummi, Baby Food from Fresh Lebanese Ingredients

Yummi Tummi aims to make tasty and healthy Lebanese cuisine accessible for babies worldwide produced from fresh Lebanese ingredients.

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