Zoom In: Yummi Tummi, Baby Food from Fresh Lebanese Ingredients

Yummi Tummi Baby 1200 x 628
Having a good idea is one thing, transforming it into a lucrative business is a totally different challenge.

Yummi Tummi Baby 1200 x 628

What They Do:

Yummi Tummi aims to make tasty and healthy Lebanese cuisine accessible for babies worldwide. Their baby food is produced from fresh Lebanese ingredients. They are shelf-stable, natural, and free of additives. Their products are ready-to-eat, containing a variety of ingredients covering all the essential nutrients for a baby’s growth, development, and learning.

Startup Experience:

The journey started when Elie Abou Jaoudeh’s, founder of Yummi Tummi, baby was conceived. “I wanted the best for my son, especially healthy and natural food. I also wanted the food to be appealing and tasty,” said Elie.

According to Yummi Tummi co-founder Dr. Christelle Bou-Mitri, a mom of three and a food scientist, “We wanted to produce healthy and nutritious baby food like moms would prepare at home yet considering all the science behind its production. We are selecting the highest products quality from the best farmers and suppliers. The cooking process we are using allows to retain all nutrients, colors, and flavors of the fruits and vegetables up to 1 year. We are implementing the highest food safety and quality management systems and standards so moms can rest assured. A lot of love goes into our production process because babies deserve the best.”

Elie further added “Having a good idea is one thing, transforming it into a lucrative business is a totally different challenge. After doing the research work and the preliminary analysis, we were wondering how to move forward with what we have. Berytech, with its acceleration program, helped us to validate our product, buy the equipment, prepare the facility, establish a company, and do all the work needed to be able to commercialize the product and make it available for everyone. We are currently finalizing work on our production facility based on international food safety standards. With the Agrytech Accelerator program support we received, we will be able to launch our product and go-to-market in the most accelerated process. The fund received as well as the knowledge and experience of the mentors helped us to accelerate the process of going to market. This is without omitting the continuous support of our advisory board in nutrition, microbiology, food safety, finance, and marketing.

The economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic coupled with all the problems and challenges encountered in the past year or so, made it very hard for people to find products in the Lebanese market, including baby food. This increased our determination to launch our product as soon as possible, because as parents ourselves we know how important it is for families, especially ones with full-time jobs.

The belief in our idea and its potential of success gave us the motivation to carry on throughout the crisis.

By the end of the program, Yummi Tummi will be available in key pharmacies across the country and will be the baby food parents will ask for.”

Learn more about Berytech’s Agrytech Accelerator program, this startup will be pitching during the Agri-Food Innovation Day 2022.

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Raghid Jarrah

Raghid Jarrah joined Berytech in July 2021 and is currently a Communication and Outreach Coordinator. He supports the team on various ongoing projects such as ARYAF, DAWERR, REAF, SAFI, WE4F, and others.

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