3 Innovations win the LIRA 12 Forum of Technology & Industrial Innovation


Beirut, October 2016 – The LIRA 12 Forum of Technology & Industrial Innovation wraps 2 days of round tables discussing biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, start up and financing, renewable energy, agro-food and packaging sectors and communication and software. The forum also included an exhibition of industrial scientific projects implemented by universities by the end of which 3 innovations were selected to win valuable prizes including a year and a half of incubation at Berytech.

Lira program aims at building effective cooperation between industry, academia and research centers to address the research and development needs of the Lebanese industry, empowering the industrial sector with innovations worthy of promoting competitiveness and productivity. The program works closely with universities (engineering faculties) to support young talented innovators in their technology inventions and projects. Earlier this year, Berytech has signed a Memorandum of Understanding bringing a common goal of developing the set of capacity building activities for young talents & university students in the context of LIRA program, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging participants to consider entrepreneurship while presenting their technology innovation and learn what it takes to turn their innovations into startup models.

This year Berytech is giving the opportunity to Lira winners to turn their projects into viable startup projects.

The three winning projects are:

Bionic Hand: A MYO-Gesture Controlled Prosthesis – Manar Harake

Manar has innovated a prosthetic hand with five functioning fingers. Each finger is attached to a servo that controls it according to signals received from a micro controller connected to the arm. The hand is be able to open and close, and each finger is able to open and close separately.

Generating clean energy through improved co-digestion of food waste and wastewater – Charbel Bou Mosleh

Charbel has innovated a solid waste and wastewater treatment with energy generation that is operated as part of solid waste management system and/or a wastewater treatment plant.

Uni-Lab – Freddy Wartabedian & Ibrahim El Kawam

Uni-Lab is a fully automated web based application that will read medical laboratory test results in any format and from different sources, aggregate, and visualize them in a time trend.


To learn more about the Berytech incubation program send us an email on info@berytech.org

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