5TOI – Impacting Energy, Water & Agriculture In The South Mediterranean

Under it’s project development activities, Berytech is engaged in the 5TOI_4EWAS project fostering innovation in energy, water & agriculture in the Mediterranean.

Berytech was part of The first 5TOI_4EWAS Innovation Week that took place from 23 to 26 January 2017 at the Hôtel Idou Anfa, Casablanca – Morocco.

The event welcomed Euro-Mediterranean innovators, researchers, policy makers, international companies to a week organised in several tracks to offer a wide range of opportunities as well as to bring together ideas, knowledge and people from the energy, water and food sectors.

The 5TOI_4EWAS consortium partners met to make a balance on the progress done so far and as well as to work together so as to secure EU-MED’s vibrant food, water and energy R&I communities grow, innovate and thrive and relevant steps to get there.

Tthe brokerage event was  organized on Thursday 26 January, 2017, at the Innovation days & Cocktail meeting at Casablanca, Morocco, led by Berytech in partnership with R&D Maroc.
The brokerage event activity aimed to bring together key stakeholders and partners to exchange expertise, collaborate and share knowledge in the field of water, energy and agriculture focusing on novel technologies and innovations.
This activity’s aim was to:

  • Strengthen ties between industry, research and academia through speed-dating activity
  • Increase networking opportunities
  • Technology transfer and exchange of expertise
  • Foster activities and exchange between partners of consortium to create synergies among current initiatives and explore collaboration


The Innovation day brought together a variety of key people, including academic professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, policy makers and more. Experts from EU-MED’s R&I community came together to discuss current and future key topics to discuss how to:

  • commercialize technologies
  • create connectivity
  • affect policy

Visit www.5toi.eu  to access all the resources and connect with experts from around the Mediterranean.

Contribute to the project’s open innovation regional study to assess key sectors in the Mediterranean Countries. Please take the survey marking your impact on a greener Mediterranean: Survey.


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