8 Reasons Why You Need To Attend The Agri-Food Innovation Day 2019

Cover Image: 8 reasons to attend Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Day
We’re all attending to share our ideas, to hear feedback, to put things in motion and to be part of the agri-food revolution. Join us!

Cover Image: 8 reasons to attend Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation DayLebanon Agri-Food Innovation Day is happening next Tuesday, February 5, at BIEL. You can register for Free here.Here at Berytech, we’ve taken the initiative to lead agri-food innovation in the country. The sector is in desperate need of nothing short of a technology revolution to catapult it into the future.

With that in mind, we developed the Agrytech Program that has been aiming for the past two years, with its multi-faceted objectives, to stimulate innovation in the agri-food sector. We’ve done endless outreach activities around the country to start the conversation on the importance of using technology and science to solve agri-food challenges. We’ve supported and funded close to 60 Lebanese startups with brilliant agri-food solutions. We’ve organized the creation of an agri-food cluster that will increase the competitiveness of the sector and bring it forward internationally.

We know that in order to rise with the sector, we need to bring together and mobilize the experts, professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, innovators, and students of the entire country. For that reason, we are organizing the first Agri-Food Innovation Day on February 5, 2019, in BIEL, Furn el Shebbak.

If you still have doubts about why you should attend, here are some reasons that will help you make up your mind and join us:

Carla Tanas leading the world’s agri-food conversation: hear her talk

Not To Be Missed! Carla Tanas, our keynote speaker, is a serial entrepreneur who has lived on 3 continents, lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 3 different universities, and has had two successful exits.

Her main focus is the Future Agro Challenge, an agri-food global innovation leadership platform dedicated to putting agripreneurs in the front lines to address the need to feed more than 9 billion people by 2050 in a sustainable and nutritious manner. Berytech is the official partner of Future Agro Challenge in Lebanon.

Innovating for a Sustainable Agri-Food Sector: join the conversation

We’re putting an international mix of academia, the private sector, government, entrepreneurship support, and financing institutions on stage to discuss what it takes to build a thriving ecosystem supporting innovation in the agri-food sector.

The aim of the panel is to facilitate the sharing of ideas to achieve a bigger goal. We will talk about policies focused on food security and sustainable development. We will be focusing on how innovating following a nexus approach to energy, water, and food can actively contribute to a growing sector, creation of jobs and contributing to the knowledge economy as well.

Companies who are transforming the agri-food scene: meet them live

The companies we’re hosting in the dedicated showcase space are those you would want to meet one-on-one. They are new and established companies who are members of the agri-food cluster, diligently working to transform the agri-food sector.

We’re also hosting the most innovative startups of the two batches of the Agrytech Accelerator.

A bonus to your visit is getting a first-hand experience with the machines and makers of the Berytech Fab Lab, our hardware prototyping destination for startups.

Innovative solutions for investment opportunities: watch the demo

The nine startups currently enrolled in the Agrytech Accelerator will debut their products and services for the first time to the public, all tackling challenges that face the different parts of the agri-food sector – from farm to fork.

Our hard-working entrepreneurs will take the stage to pitch their technology-based solutions and business models that they had been tweaking to perfection for the last six months. Will they be able to catch the attention of investors?

Ideation and access to finance: book the workshops

We’ve lined up a couple of workshops. The Ideation workshop will help you exercise your business muscles to creatively brainstorm business ideas, evaluate them and turn them into reality. For the second workshop, we have partnered with BLC Bank to have their experts explore and explain all the financing possibilities for your startup.

The only agri-food cluster in Lebanon and the region: witness its launch

Companies with services and solutions across the value chain have joined the agri-food cluster and they are ready to launch it to the world. They have joined forces to accelerate innovation through technical support, improve access to markets through matchmaking and networking, increase competitiveness through solving common challenges, network with international partners and participate in international exhibitions and lobby through liaising with sister organizations.

10 startups compete for the Lebanese Agripreneur of the Year: discover the winner

For the second year in a row, we have partnered with Future Agro Challenge, the global competition targeting food and agribusiness startups from various corners of the globe addressing national, regional and global challenges, to catalyze innovation in the agri-food industry.

We will be announcing the “Lebanese Agripreneur of The Year” – winner of the local competition who will make it to the international finals to represent Lebanon at the Global Agripreneurs Summit and compete with the most promising agri-food startups from across the world for the title of “Agripreneur of the Year”.

Industry experts, academia and professionals: share your ideas and business cards

Most importantly the Agri-Food Innovation Day 2019 is open for networking opportunities. We’re here to make the introductions you need, to liaise you with the knowledge, expert or service you are looking for. We’re all attending to share our ideas, to hear feedback, to put things in motion and to be part of the agri-food revolution. Join us!

About the Event

We want to put Lebanon on the world agri-food innovation map to attract international investors and experts to work with Lebanese innovators in this sector.

Berytech, with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon, has been leading on sourcing agri-food innovations from Lebanon for the past two years through the Agrytech Program.

We are organizing the first conference and exhibition to showcase these innovations and create a networking environment for startups, SMEs, large companies, as well as entrepreneurs, academia and public institutions.

We are proud to be organizing the event under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers Mr. Saad Hariri, and with our Preferred Banking Partner BLC Bank, as well as with our platinum partner Touch, gold partner BEL Group and our venue partner BIEL.


Organizers and Sponsors of Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Day 2019

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