Abdallah Harfouch: Do You Know How To Manage Your Money?


The Cash Flow Factory powered by AH Financial Consultancy has a mission to introduce and raise awareness about the importance, as well as the need for financial education in the Lebanese culture, especially when it comes to youth, entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, investors and even employees.

According to this mission, a unique 16-hour program called “How to Manage Your Money” was held at Berytech during the month of July. The program, the first of its kind in Lebanon tackled the following subject:

  • How every person can identify his financial situation in the present and in the future by learning how to identify his assets from his liabilities, income from expenses, and how cash flow is generated between these 2 sheets.
  • How to Identify bad debt from good debt and how to classify it between assets and liabilities, secured from unsecured and what is the real and effective mathematical way to get out of this debt.
  • How to put money aside because everyone wants to save money, but few exactly know how to allocate this money and how to reach this goal in a systematic and durable way.
  • What are the 3 asset classes to invest in or to create, in order to generate additional and PASSIVE Income stream.


The 1st Asset we talked about was related to real estate and how to create additional cash flow, as well as passive income from it. This session was given as a panel moderated by Mr. Mohammad Al Kadi (co-founder of Prosperous – Real estate marketing and developing) and the guest speakers about this subject were Mr. Roger Khater, serial Entrepreneur/Founder of Bubleik virtual offices and Mr. Jihad El Hokayem, the Expert in international financial markets and real estate in Lebanon.

The 2nd Asset was related mainly to financial markets and especially Paper Assets and the way we can generate cash flow by acquiring paper assets (stocks, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange & commodities).

The 3rd Asset was business and how to create real profitable business not only depending on you but also on a system that can generate cash flow and passive income to its business owner (here to differentiate between self-employed and business owner). This part was presented by Mr. Andre Abi Awad – Founder of Entreprenergy, for his long expertise in creating businesses and supporting new potential entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.


How To Manage Your Money Program’s last session was on August 2, 2016 and the feedback from attendees was very positive. They affirmed the basic NEED and importance of such a program not only for the public but for students in schools and universities who are going out into this financial world without any basic knowledge related to their financial attitude. This can cause a worsening of their financial outlook in the future, which leads immigration outside Lebanon for a search of a new way to fix their financial life.

This program was developed in the context of a continuous mission of financial education, spreading this culture at schools, universities and young professionals.

Finally, always remember these 2 quotes by Shaquile O.Neal & Robert Kiosaki:

  • “It is not how much money you make. The question is, are you educated enough to KEEP it.”
  • “Invest in your financial education before you invest your money. For me this is the smartest thing to do.”

As we always believe, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”

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