Again This Year, Berytech Receives the EU|BIC Certification for 2015


As part of the European Business Network (EBN), Berytech received again this year the EU Business Innovation Center (EU|BIC) certification.

The EU|BIC trademark certifies compliance to a set of standards known as the EU|BIC Quality Mark Criteria, invented almost 30 years ago by the European Commission and by various private and public stakeholders, with the aim to boost the economic development and the innovation potential of European regions.

An EU|BIC’s core mission is to accelerate innovative entrepreneurship at the local level, through the customized delivery of a comprehensive range of professional support and incubation services  (pre-incubation, incubation, post-incubation) targeted at innovative start-ups, spin-offs, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Being part of the EBN network, Berytech benefits from this international community of smart and specialized organizations that connect and coach innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs. Fostering the exchange with similar innovation structures opens up new networks allowing the exchange of expertise, access to international markets, collaborations and new opportunities for Berytech entrepreneurs.


Learn more about the network on

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