Applications for the Second Cycle of the ARYAF Program Are Now Open

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The selected MSMEs have a combined value of 210 full-time employees, out of which 16 MSMEs are women-led.

The ARYAF Program has now opened its applications for its second cycle after selecting 20 MSMEs to join its first cycle each. The companies were selected from 466 applications with innovations in the sectors of food processing, local hospitality, tourism, restaurant, eco-tourism, and agri-tourism.

The selected MSMEs will receive business support, grants, technical assistance, networking opportunities, mentorship, scaling internationalization, and investment opportunities.  

ARYAF aims to empower sixty MSMEs to increase their sales volume, implement a business continuity plan, and provide training to their staff, including youth, women, and disabled individuals.

The program is funded by The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), in partnership with Berytech, within the framework of Strengthening Agriculture, Local Communities and Small and Medium Enterprises project (ACE).

Join the next batch of the program 

Applications for the second cycle are currently open, for this cycle the ARYAF is selecting 40 MSMEs to join the program: 

To be eligible MSMEs must be:

  • Lebanese-owned with at least three full-time employees.
  • Operating in food processing or other value chains downstream of agriculture including local tourism, hospitality, restaurants, and others.
  • Officially registered with a Ministry of Finance number.
  • Located in Baabda, Aley, Chouf, West Bekaa, or Zahle. 

Women-led businesses and businesses that employ people with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply. 

Apply to the second cycle of the ARYAF program on this link:

The deadline for submitting your application is July 24, 2023.

Meet the selected teams of the First batch 

The selected MSMEs have a combined value of 210 full-time employees, out of which 16 MSMEs are women-led. Each of these businesses is actively innovating within the sectors of food processing, local hospitality, tourism, restaurant, eco-tourism, and agri-tourism.

Cezar’s Projects

Cezar’s Projects is a social enterprise founded in 2017 in Shouf, Mount Lebanon. It focuses on developing rural tourism, preserving local traditions, and providing job opportunities for youth and locals. They own and operate Farmville Barouk and Cezar’s guesthouses, and have partnerships with Maaser Donkey Farm and Streeh Guesthouse. They introduced paragliding in the Shouf region and collaborate with Shouf Biosphere Reserve. Additionally, they have developed food products in collaboration with local families and farmers. Cezar’s Projects supports sustainable initiatives like Shouf Highland and Dar Leila and organizes experiential packages in the region.

Drink On The Side

The Pub In The Mountain is a community pub located in Hammana, known for its cozy space in the heart of the old souk. It offers a delightful experience with a variety of offerings, including delicious food, live music, sports games coverage, art exhibitions, board games, movies, books, and workshops. Patrons can immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere while enjoying the diverse range of entertainment options available at the pub.

Melqart’s Forest SARL

Introducing a company that specializes in the production of two distinctive brands: Corado and Shaman’s. Corado presents a variety of chili sauces, including the original, pure habanero, and buffalo sauces. Shaman’s focuses on superfoods such as beetroot powder, tea, and latte, spinach powder, carob powder, maca powder, turmeric latte, ginger tea, pumpkin spice, and barley tea. Experience a diverse range of exceptional flavors and nutritional benefits offered by this company’s portfolio.

Tannoury Dairy SARL

Dairy Tannoury Sal is a family-owned dairy business in Lebanon since 2009. They produce a variety of high-quality dairy products including Labneh, Laban, Akawi, Chiki, Chanklish, and Halloum. In 2022, they expanded their offerings to include Mozzarella under the Litaly and Dairy Tannoury branding. With a focus on continuous innovation, they strive to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Royal bite catering

A professional event catering company offering services for all types of events, gatherings, and weddings. They provide memorable dining experiences with meticulous attention to detail. Recently, they have expanded their business to supply ready Lebanese and International bite foods like kibbeh, borak cheese, sambousek, and couchinia to restaurants. Choose them for exceptional catering services and convenient food solutions for your restaurant.

Al Fundok

Al Fundol, a boutique hotel in Maaser el Chouf, promotes rural tourism and sustainable income for the community. Their restaurant serves authentic, fresh, and nutritious meals, sourced directly from their garden. They offer an extensive weekend buffet, an a la carte menu, and a delightful breakfast. Through their agritourism project, they empower local families, training them in hospitality and benefiting over 40 families.

Streeh by Lamia 

Streeh by Lamia began as a small catering business in 2016, specializing in traditional Lebanese cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. It has now expanded into a renowned catering business, offering services for special lunches, dinners, weddings, parties, and corporate events. Lamia also transformed a family house into Streeh Guesthouse, hosting private dining experiences. Alongside food, guests can enjoy seasonal activities like foraging and cooking classes, promoting cultural immersion and the preservation of heritage food.

Coteaux Du Liban

Coteaux Du Liban, a family-owned winery in Zahleh, has been producing wines and arak since 1999. With vineyards on the picturesque hillsides, they specialize in viticulture and winemaking. Their selection includes four white wines, four red wines, one rosé, and traditional arak. Embracing their heritage, the younger generation focuses on crafting wines with indigenous grape varieties. Additionally, they have introduced new wine-tourism activities to cater to the growing interest in wine and eco-tourism.

Najjar Modern Mills

A trusted supplier of grains, spices, and traditional products, they offer a diverse range of retail and wholesale options. Specializing in Burghul, Kishek, Zaatar, spices, and hydrosols, their products are made from locally sourced Lebanese wheat using traditional methods. They also provide services such as Kishek processing, Zaatar processing, and wheat sorting, ensuring customer satisfaction and high-quality offerings. Experience their commitment to quality and authenticity for all your grain and spice needs.

Alico Foods

Alico Foods Company specializes in producing and packaging a variety of sauces, including ketchup, barbecue, tomato, chicken, and pizza sauces, as well as vinegar, pomegranate molasses, soy sauce, and olive oil. Their commitment to quality and flavorful products sets them apart in the industry. With a diverse range of options, they cater to the needs of various businesses, restaurants, and stores. Experience their exceptional sauces and oils that reflect their dedication to excellence.

Soha Village Resort

Soha Village is a family-owned retreat and restaurant that offers a cozy guest house experience. With a personal touch, they oversee every aspect of their operation, ensuring attention to detail. They rely on local personnel to assist in food preparation, vegetable planting, and guest services. Discover their warm hospitality and enjoy a memorable stay and dining experience at Soha Village.

Al Mawsam

AL Mawsam empowers rural small-scale producers through comprehensive support services. They provide warehousing, distribution, logistics, sales, money collection, market exposure, and business support. By facilitating these essential functions, AL Mawsam enables producers to reach a wider market and succeed in their businesses. Their dedication lies in supporting rural producers and driving their growth and market presence.

Beit El Kkroum

An all-in-one hospitality destination, offering a guest house, restaurant, garden, and home-made food catering. Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay at the guest house, savor delicious meals at the restaurant, relax in the serene garden, and rely on the company for exceptional catering services. With a comprehensive range of offerings, the company aims to provide a memorable and convenient hospitality experience for all visitors.

Judi Lebanon

Judi Lebanon excels in producing and preserving high-quality fruits and vegetables. Combining traditional and modern techniques, they ensure superior nutritional value in their products. With a strong reputation established since 1999, Judi Lebanon strives to expand globally, offering exceptional agricultural offerings.

Nikawa Nomads Nature and Nurture

A peaceful haven for wellness and nature enthusiasts, this guest house and wellness center offers healing programs, scenic hikes, and a culinary experience featuring local agriculture and products. Guests can choose to stay in bungalows, a tree house, or riverside cabanas, immersing themselves in nature’s beauty. With a focus on tranquility and rejuvenation, this retreat provides a serene escape for those seeking wellness and connection with the natural surroundings.

Cave Abou Hanna

The company engages in agriculture, food processing, and eco-tourism. They cultivate grapes for consumption and wine production, creating natural and organic food products with Lebanese traditions and global quality standards. Through educational tours, they promote agricultural practices and offer training in farming and food processing. They prioritize environmental sustainability by utilizing grape waste as fertilizer. Overall, the company aims to provide high-quality products, promote local traditions, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Al Haush

They are an agritourism company in Central Bekaa, offering a unique experience in a picturesque setting. With an expansive agricultural estate, guests can explore olive groves, orchards, gardens, and seasonal crops. Their guesthouse provides comfortable accommodation, while the farm-to-table restaurant offers delicious meals sourced mainly from their estate. The farm shop showcases products such as traditional mouneh, natural cosmetics, and farm-themed gifts. Experience the beauty of nature, indulge in local cuisine, and immerse yourself in a captivating agritourism adventure.

IRIS Domain

IRIS Domain is a multi-faceted company, blending fine dining, winemaking, and entertainment. With a picturesque vineyard as its backdrop, the company operates a gourmet restaurant, serving exquisite meals paired with its own organic-certified wine. They also offer a selection of wines from the region. IRIS Domain is a sought-after venue for open-air concerts, yoga sessions, and corporate retreats, providing a memorable experience for all.

Fresh Dry Foods

Fresh Dry Foods (Crazy Farm) is an organic food factory in Al Mansoura-West Bekaa. They specialize in producing pure and healthy products, including dried fruits, vinegar, powders, juices, jams, grape molasses, and tomato paste. With a commitment to quality, their offerings are 100% pure, free from colorants and preservatives, providing customers with natural and nutritious options.


Cibus-Liban, situated in Bekaa, tackles agricultural waste and empowers the community. They transform unwanted crops into high-quality food products, combating the 15% vegetable waste due to cosmetic imperfections. By producing tomato paste, bell pepper extract, and more, they collaborate with farmers, reducing waste and creating marketable goods. Cibus-Liban’s sustainable model benefits farmers and the environment while adhering to global health standards.


ARYAF program serves MSMEs in the sectors of food processing, local hospitality, tourism, restaurant, eco-tourism, and agri-tourism in the regions of Bekaa and Mount Lebanon, with a focus on increasing sales volume, implementing a business continuity plan, and providing training to staff, including youth, women, and disabled individuals in rural areas.

The program is funded by The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in partnership with Berytech, within the framework of the project Strengthening Agriculture, Local Communities, and Small and Medium Enterprises (ACE).

Picture of Raghid Jarrah

Raghid Jarrah

Raghid Jarrah joined Berytech in July 2021 and is currently a Communication and Outreach Coordinator. He supports the team on various ongoing projects such as ARYAF, DAWERR, REAF, SAFI, WE4F, and others.

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