BASATINE at HORECA Lebanon – 2024

At this year’s 28th edition of Horeca Lebanon, the Basatine program provided a platform for 40 of its small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to showcase their innovative products and expand their networks.   

Highlights from the program’s involvement in the 4-day gathering included continuous exhibitions, as well as matchmaking sessions – orchestrated by the QOOT cluster. These sessions facilitated tailored interactions between the 40 beneficiaries and 5 prospective buyers, resulting in over 100 curated interactions. Each meeting was carefully organized to ensure alignment between the SMEs’ offerings and the buyers’ interests, resulting in optimized discussions for efficiency and impact.   

The exhibitions also provided SMEs with opportunities to showcase their potential for export and their capacity to meet market requirements. Additionally, the event allowed for valuable product and brand recognition among prospective buyers.  

Basatine’s successful involvement at HORECA Lebanon was made possible thanks to the support and funding of its esteemed donors:   

The program is funded by AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and implemented by CARE along with partners like Mercy Corps, Berytech, GNFF (Georges N. Frem Foundation), LOST (Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training), and Al Majmoua.   

This support underscores a shared commitment to fostering economic growth and resilience in Lebanon’s agrifood sector, allowing for constant growth, innovation, and advancements in the field.   

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Noor Maroun

Noor Maroun joined Berytech in January 2024, as a Content Writer for the Communication & Outreach Department. She supports the team in crafting compelling content for diverse media outlets and strives to ensure every message is communicated clearly and concisely.

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