BASATINE’s Agrarian Renaissance: Cultivating Success Stories at Judi Lebanon and Agrifresh

"The land gives you a kind of produce you can never engineer." Roy Noujaim, CEO of Agrifresh

BASATINE, a steadfast initiative committed to uplifting vulnerable farmers and fortifying the agricultural value chain, has emerged as a catalyst for transformative change in the Bekaa and Akkar regions. With a primary focus on cereals, legumes, and vegetables, BASATINE seeks to bolster local agribusiness through tailored support, encompassing cutting-edge machinery, professional training, and strategic guidance aligned with its overarching objectives. 

Field Trip Insights 

In a recent development, a delegation from the BASATINE consortium, comprising representatives from Berytech and Care International in Lebanon, embarked on a comprehensive field trip to assess the impact of recently delivered machinery at the facilities of two notable beneficiaries: Judi Lebanon and Agrifresh. 

Judi Lebanon’s Success Story 

The first leg of the journey unfolded at Judi Lebanon, where a candid conversation with CEO Mr. Hatem Kaadan unveiled the profound impact of the advanced machinery received. This technological marvel not only facilitated a remarkable 40% surge in sales but also catalyzed a significant expansion in production capacity, enabling the company to transition from two production tracks to an impressive four. Mr. Kaadan astutely observed the evolving global preference for natural supplements, positioning Judi Lebanon to seize the market share proactively. Despite being considered a niche product due to its unmatched quality, the demand for their produce continues to outpace the supply, indicating an auspicious trajectory for growth. 

Exploring Agrifresh’s Innovations 

The delegation’s second stop at Agrifresh, a stalwart in daily sterilized produce serving major names like KFC, McDonald’s, and various restaurants, provided a glimpse into the intricacies of a highly automated and meticulously organized factory. CEO Roy Noujaim guided the delegation through the facility, emphasizing the company’s commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards. The tour extended to the expansive greenhouses funded by the BASATINE program, showcasing the cultivation of various crops. 

Innovation in Agribusiness 

A notable highlight was the observation of a greenhouse employing hydroponic systems constructed from PVC pipes, showcasing BASATINE’s dedication to fostering innovation within the agricultural sector. This progressive approach aligns with the broader mission of ensuring sustainability and resilience in farming practices. CEO Roy Noujaim poignantly remarked, “The land gives you a kind of produce you can never engineer,” underscoring the enduring value of traditional farming methods. 


The field trip exemplifies the tangible impact of BASATINE’s multifaceted support, extending beyond mere production enhancement to encompass innovation and sustainability in agribusiness. As these success stories unfold, it becomes evident that BASATINE is not merely an initiative; it is a driving force reshaping the agricultural landscape, ensuring prosperity and resilience for farmers and stakeholders alike. Through strategic interventions and collaborative efforts, BASATINE is forging an agrarian renaissance, cultivating success stories that resonate far beyond the boundaries of the Bekaa and Akkar regions.

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