Berytech and Berytech Fund II at BDL Accelerate 2015

Berytech and Berytech Fund II are participating in the Banque Du Liban Accelerate 2015 – International Startup Conference.
Date: 10, 11 December 2015
Time: 8:30 am – 6 pm
Location: Forum de Beirut
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“Emerging Startup Ecosystems”, the BDL Accelerate forum theme for 2015, will gather entrepreneurs, investors, and support institutions from key emerging startup ecosystems across 5 continents with hundreds of participating speakers, exhibitors and startups.

During the event, Berytech and Berytech Fund II will be taking you through the journey of the entrepreneurial ecosystem from business idea to startup, to funding, growth and scaling with activities and announcements that will spark up your entrepreneurial sagacity, featuring exciting activities:



Speed Mentoring

Entrepreneurs will get the chance to book a free  9 minutes, one-on-one meeting with a top mentor. They will be matched with a mentor from their industry that can tackle their specific challenges

Berytech brought together a community of top entrepreneurs and investors who believe in influencing this culture of paying-it-forward. We’ve gathered enough quality mentors for 150 one-on-ones. Entrepreneurs get to discuss their top challenges, spark initial funding conversations, and plant the seeds of new long-term connections.

Apply now at for a one-on-one. If you’re successfully matched with a mentor, you’ll be assigned an appointment time and date at the Berytech booth at BDL Accelerate 2015. Participation is free and places are running out fast.

Berytech Fund II Achievements & Announcements

Berytech Fund II will be celebrating its 2015 achievements as a 50 + million US Dollars Beirut based Venture Capital Fund and will be announcing its first investment portfolio companies in the knowledge economy sector, under Circular 331 issued by the Central Bank.

Designed to empower Start-ups and SMEs, the fund provides the tools and resources needed for early and accelerating entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and welcomes all kind of innovative projects, futuristic opportunities, and integrating technologies, covering the following fields: ICT, Digital Content/Movies/Music, Fashion & Design, Renewable Energies, Industrial Design.

Excited? Make sure to join us at the Berytech booth everyday at 3 pm to hear about the exciting startups that will be announced.

Funding Q&A

When funding can be both exciting and daunting, we’re making it easy by answering all your questions.

Drop by the Berytech booth at the BDL Accelerate 2015 and meet one of the remarkable Berytech Fund II representatives who will be offering you advice and solutions in investment management.

Berytech Happy Hour

Although we’ll be available throughout the conference at the Berytech booth for chats and drinks in both the Breytech booth and the Berytech lounge, we’re loosening our ties after 4 for a more casual meet up.

Make sure to drop by!

If you have questions or suggestions drop us an email at

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