Berytech Brings Entrepreneurs Closer to Investors with Magnitt Partnership

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On November 3, 2015, Berytech signed an official partnership with Magnitt, a new online MENA startup ecosystem that makes it easier for startups to connect with angel investors, VCs, mentors and co-founders with the aim to have a central directory of all MENA startups as a reference point for the region.

Startups can register on, and follow the instructions under “List Startup”. It takes only 15 minutes to register by completing 5 questions around the business model and the Startup will go live. Highlight the startups specific needs and requirements, whether they be funding, looking for a co-founder, mentorship and support and connect with the community.

As part of the Magnitt collaboration agreement with Berytech, startups can be tagged by the Institution “Berytech” with the referral code “BERYTECH”. This allows all Investors, Media and Users to filter their search by this tag. Magnitt is currently completely free to list and connect.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the key features of the platform including:

  • Mobile/desktop: MAGNiTT is designed for both mobile and desktop allowing you to review ideas on the go.
  • List Startup: Go to place to list your Startup on the platform. Simple one page process. You can always save and come back
  • Elevator pitch: Can access all the high level elevator pitches from the MENA Startup community
  • Filters:Able to tailor your search by refining ideas by 1) Stage of Startup 2) Funding requirement 3) Institution 4) location 5) Industry focus
  • My Portfolio: Hub of all the liked ideas that you want to dig deeper into. Once you review the idea you are able to “Offer to  onnect”. Come back here to check the status of your offer
  • Connections: Find all of your connections in one place. Message them directly and give them a rating on the platform.
  • Rankings: Ranking of all the 1) top ideas 2) Entrepreneurs and 3) Investors on the platform.
  • Profile: Complete your profile page here to increase the likelihood of a match

Invite a friend: Enter your friends email address to send them an introductory email.

Have any questions? Visit the Magnitt  FAQ page or contact them on

Be sure to follow Berytech on Facebook and Twitter for updates on future collaborations and key partners.

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