Berytech Brings the Google Glass Experience to Lebanon

Berytech offered the opportunity to try the new Google Glass, a one of a kind opportunity for all tech addicts, the one device that has not been released in the market yet, presenting a revolutionary technology engine that gave the techies a taste of future invention and inspired them towards innovative ideas and applications.

The tryout occurred in Berytech 3 campuses, on Friday 4th of April at Berytech Technological pole ,Monday 7th of April at Berytech Digital Park (BDD 1294), and Tuesday 8th of April at Berytech Technology and Health.

More than 300 people got the opportunity to try out these glasses, test their potential ideas and experience the taste of innovation. The google glass that turned out to be glass free projects a small screen above the right eye and by commanding it through voice recognition or its touch platform located next to the right ear users got the chance to take pictures, record videos and interacting with the device.


Mhamad Dankar, who tried the glasses stated in his blog post: “I honestly liked it since I like taking photos, & sometimes while driving or having a phone call I miss taking the perfect shot.”

The Google Glass, being IOS and android compatible, can serve as an important tool for developing new groundbreaking apps that can be of a huge help for people who move a lot and need to get informations and directions with a minimal effort.

For instance and examples, apps such as Strava Run

lets you track your rides and runs and helps you analyze and quantify your performance. It is a great tool of effective measurement and it may solve a lot of time and effort for sportive because results are projected right before your eyes, through the “glass” during the training.

In fact, any app that works on your phone can be directly linked to your glass all you need to do is activate the glass saying “ok glass” and you will be able to surf on any app by giving orders to the glass.

Berytech is giving the chance to any interested developer to work on an app that can be of a great use for the google glass by sending a request to
The google Glass will be at the disposition of the developer during the process.

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