Berytech Entrepreneurship Impact 2019

Berytech’s activities continue to serve its mission in supporting its community of innovative entrepreneurs and contributing to the Lebanese startup ecosystem.

Through its ongoing programs and within its main verticals, Berytech’s activities continue to serve its mission in supporting its community of innovative entrepreneurs and contributing to the Lebanese startup ecosystem.

Under the broad umbrella of fueling and supporting entrepreneurship, Berytech’s main activities and programs fall under several industry verticals: Food and Agriculture, Information Communication Technology, Clean Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, SME Development, and Women Empowerment.

Berytech aims to further open regional and international networks for startups and bring additional value through new partnerships and programs that not only respond to the needs of the growing ecosystem but anticipate it.


Impact Highlights 2019

The latest report showcases the impact of Berytech’s activities in supporting startups and SMEs, creating a nurturing ecosystem for entrepreneurs and propagating entrepreneurship in Lebanon with a specific focus on the year 2019.

97 Startups supported through our programs and competitions in 2019

95 SMEs supported through the USAID-LED Project in 2019

US$1.38M Revenue generated based on the Founder Survey 2019 anonymous responses

5 New Companies Incorporated of the startups that Berytech supported, 5 reported getting incorporated in 2019

922 New Jobs created as reported by the startups and SMEs supported by Berytech in 2019

US$258K Received in grants by the startups that Berytech supported in 2019

192 Trainings and Workshops managed by Berytech’s Business Support and Development Department in 2019

12 Programs managed with local and international partners

About Berytech

Berytech’s role is multifold in building an all-inclusive ecosystem for its own entrepreneurs while contributing to the growth of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem in general. It has helped shape the cultural norms of the society in accepting and supporting the concept of entrepreneurship, while its different activities continue to push new avant-garde concepts. Berytech serves as a nucleus in connecting different stakeholders in the ecosystem and it strives to influence policymakers and legislating bodies to issue laws that benefit the ecosystem.

Since its establishment in 2002 by USJ, Berytech has succeeded in:

  • Creating strategic connections and international partnerships and affiliations;
  • Connecting different pools of experts in the ecosystem: business angels, mentors, cluster managers, technology transfer managers, innovators and researchers;
  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Economy and Trade to set and implement a national strategy to support SMEs; and
  • Partnering in creating organizations, programs and accelerators to serve the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem.

What We Offer

We offer one complete ecosystem for innovative entrepreneurs to create and develop their own startups and SMEs.

  • Office spaces & facilities
  • Mentoring & access to international markets
  • Funding advice & counseling
  • Job opportunities within our network
  • Workshops, events & competitions
  • Community of more than 300 entities

View the previous Impact Report 2002-2018 here.

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