Berytech Hosts MENOG IPv6 Roadshow

The Internet Society (Lebanon Chapter) ISOC LB is setting up an IPv6 taskforce responsible for putting a strategy and implementing it across Lebanon to transition the networks from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing. Within this scope and in collaboration with Ripe Ncc, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, BeirutIX, ISOC LB, organized a 5-day IPv6 workshop, at Berytech, on May 21-25, part of MENOG IPv6 Roadshows.

Around 25 network engineers from local ISPs, Universities, Ministries, were trained over 5 days to become part of the IPv6 Taskforce Core Team. The participants had solid background in BGP and network management in an IPv4 environment, while previous experience with IPv6 was not necessary.

The workshop was led by 2 senior IPv6 master trainers, Job Snijders and Sander Steffann.
Agenda of the 5 days IPv6 for ISPs workshop can be found at:

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