Laying The First Brick: Berytech Innovation Park Soon in Amchit

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Being the first project of its kind in the area, Berytech Innovation Park Amchit will be built on a 5,000 m2 area on the Amchit-Jbeil highway – with the aim to address the economic needs of Keserwan, Jbeil, and the Northern districts.

Berytech Innovation Park in Amchit

Berytech and the Michel Issa Foundation Lay the First Brick at the First Innovation Park outside Greater Beirut

Team members of the Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF) and Berytech gathered to lay the first brick of “Berytech Amchit”, the first Innovation Park outside Greater Beirut, due to open its doors in 2020. The event took place at the project site on the Amchit Highway and was attended by the Maronite bishop of Jbeil Michel Aoun, Rev. Professor Salim Daccache s.j. Rector of Saint Joseph University (USJ), the CEO and Chairman of Berytech Mr. Maroun N. Chammas, Chairman of Erga Eng. Elie Gebrayel, Head of Technical Office in the Union of Municipalities of Byblos Mr. Michel Khalifeh, Chairman of IPT Group Mr. Michel Issa, President of MIF Dr. Toni M. Issa, in addition to the Priest of the Parish of St. Zakhia Amchit Father Charbel Abi Ezz, as well as key figures and representatives from various industries.

Dr. Issa explained that this initiative comes in line with MIF contribution to local development. Being the first project of its kind in the area, Berytech Innovation Park Amchit will be built on a 5,000 m2 area on the Amchit-Jbeil highway – with the aim to address the economic needs of Keserwan, Jbeil, and the Northern districts, through fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth, and securing jobs for fresh graduates without the need to flee to the capital or to immigrate. Dr. Issa valued the support and supervision of USJ noting the academic and religious significance it adds to the project.

As for Maroun Chammas, he commented, “While it is natural that Beirut is the business capital of the country, there are many under-served regions in Lebanon that require our attention. In order to contribute to the economic development in Keserwan, Jbeil and the North, Berytech and the Michel Issa Foundation are building this innovation park in Amchit. This will allow us to support Lebanese entrepreneurs in different geographical areas.”

Chammas also confirmed that Berytech will most importantly work to create a dynamic community while constantly organizing networking events, meet-ups and conferences with valuable speakers to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the above-mentioned areas while focusing on the ICT, Smart Agri-Food, Renewable energy, Ecotourism, and Social Entrepreneurship sectors.

In his presentation, Eng. Gebrayel gave an in-depth explanation of the park’s architecture including perspective pictures and specifications of the different sections. He confirmed that Berytech Innovation Park Amchit will be designed to offer young talents, entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals, a multitude of valuable services that are available at all Berytech parks including worry-free, fully furnished, modern, eco-friendly, flexible hosting offices and services for startups and SMEs paralleled with a co-working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs, as well as meeting and conference spaces, which will additionally be open to benefit professionals in the area.

In his turn, Rev. Prof. Daccache welcomed MIF and Berytech’s initiative and explained that one of USJ’s missions is the local development of human, economic and social resources. Thus, the new Berytech park will be a true incubator of new companies, especially for students and young graduates of USJ and other universities.

Finally, Bishop Aoun confirmed that this project will contribute to reducing immigration, by attracting youth to stay in their hometowns and consequently strengthening their trust in their country. He then thanked Michel Issa Foundation and Berytech for this much needed project that will bring not only strong impact but also economic and social value to the region.

In the end, Mr. Michel Issa, Dr. Toni Issa and Mr. Maroun Chammas, laid the first brick of Berytech Innovation Park Amchit in the midst of the blessings of Bishop Michel Aoun, Professor Salim Daccache, and Father Abi Ezz.


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