Berytech joins AUF Regional Committee

Berytech joins AUF CROS_2

Berytech joins AUF CROS_2

The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in the Middle East gathered for the first time, on December 14, 2017, its new Regional Strategic Orientation Committee (CROS), composed of regional civil society actors with an advisory mission to bring an external perspective to AUF’s partnership policy, in particular to encourage closer links between players in the academic and socio-economic worlds.


The members of the committee include Mr. Maroun Chammas, Chairman and CEO of Berytech.


First meeting

During the meeting, the Regional Director of AUF in the Middle East, Mr. Hervé Sabourin, presented the new strategic orientations and the flagship projects of the AUF in the region, which are articulated around three main challenges: to improve the quality of training, research and governance; to respond to the challenge of the employability of young graduates and entrepreneurship; and to support universities in their role as global development operator.


The exchanges focused on the future strategic orientations of the AUF and on proposals for regional actions that could boost relations between the University and the Company and contribute effectively to the professional integration of graduates.


Important recommendations were made during this meeting:

  • Develop entrepreneurship at the regional level and support the teams of the various institutions and universities of the region in setting up projects;
  • Encourage the development of dual training schemes and work on a pedagogical model adapted to the Middle East; and
  • Strengthen the role of AUF as a facilitator between different academic and non-university bodies.


This meeting also saw the appointment of the President of CROS in the person of Mr. Fouad Zmokhol, President of the RDCL World (Rally of Lebanese Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the World) and member of the AUF Strategic Orientation Council.


CROS members

  • Fouad Zmokhol, President of the RDCL World (Rally of Lebanese Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the World), Lebanon
  • Maroun Chammas, CEO of Berytech, Lebanon
  • Naim Ouaini, President of the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science (LAAS), Lebanon
  • Michel Helou, Executive Director of L’Orient-Le Jour, Lebanon
  • Cambyse Behnia, Director General of “Land Army”, Iran
  • Mohamed Chawki, Vice President of the State Council, Egypt
  • Hassan Behnam, Director General of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt


Read more about AUF on their website here.

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