Berytech joins The Global Water Partnership Network 

Posted on December 16, 2020

We are proud to now be members of GWP, which will help us in our mission to push for better water management in Lebanon and the Region ”

GWP Partner Application- Cleanergy

Berytech received the partnership certificate from the Global Water Partnership, as an official partner in this global action network, with the aim to work with other countries towards the equitable, sustainable and efficient management of water resources. 

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network with over 3,000 Partner organizations in 179 countries. The network has 68 accredited Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships. 

The network is open to all organizations involved in water resources management: developed and developing country government institutions, agencies of the United Nations, bi- and multi-lateral development banks, professional associations, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. 

GWP’s action network provides knowledge and builds capacity to improve water management at all levels: global, regional, national and local. GWP does not operate alone; its networking approach provides a mechanism for coordinated action and adds value to the work of many other key development partners. 

This combined platform embodies a core GWP belief: that only when a broad range of stakeholders work together will we change water management for the better.  

“Water is a scarce resource crucial to several sectors whether agricultural, urban or industrial. We’ve been working hard to push water innovations within Berytech’s activities in supporting innovation and youth entrepreneurship especially under programs encompassing clean technology, water-food-energy nexus, and agri-food innovation,” comments Ramy Boujawdeh – Deputy GM at Berytech. 

Berytech is active in catalyzing water innovations through its Cleanergy Program designed to make sure that Lebanon has the most competitive companies innovating in clean technology. The Program is under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub, a new out-of-the-box approach by Berytech aiming at strengthening business advancement and job creation in the Agri-food and Cleantech sectors in Lebanon, funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  

“We are proud to now be members of the Global Water Partnership, which will help us in our mission to push for better water management in Lebanon and the Region,” comments Elias Nicolas – Cleantech Expert at Berytech. 

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