Berytech Launches HealthTech Innovation Competition at USJ

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Saint Joseph University held an event titled : Academic News and Social Engagement at The Faculty of Pharmacy on Wednesday 14 December 2016 at the Campus of Medical Sciences.

After the introductory words of Dr. Marianne Abi Fadel, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University, CEO of Berytech, Maroun N. Chammas announced the launch of a new innovation  competition track to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in the following sub-sectors: Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Biological and Social.

The first edition of the Competition, is open to students of the Faculty of Pharmacy including its Nutrition Department and its School of Laboratory Technicians .
In collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Berytech will offer a wide range of support in this area to young innovators through a network of experts in entrepreneurship, technology and health to help them broaden their horizons, innovate and to take their idea at the start-up stage.

“This is also an excellent initiative to push pharmacy and nutrition students off the beaten path, which will increase opportunities in their fields. We aim to develop this initiative in future editions in other health services such as medicine, nursing and dentistry. Our goal is to collect a minimum of 10 ideas that will be presented in May 2017, offering up to 2 awards that include cash donations and incubation support, as well as access to networks, funds, support and the incubation at Berytech,” confirmed Chammas.

The criteria on which the projects will be as follows:
– Presentation

– Feasibility

– Innovation

The main innovation trends in health technology targeted are: digital health with the creation of mobile applications,  social network interface reserved for the psychological support of patients, pharmaceutical packaging, innovation with portable MRI and ultrasound machines, medical glasses and hearing aids, or more generally any innovation affecting the pharmaceutical, food and laboratory technologies in all its forms, in order to ensure better diagnostic, therapeutic or improved well-being of the patient.


In our time, the economy is based on knowledge. That said, the health sector, combined with technology and innovation, has a high potential for growth in the sector and the emergence of innovative technologies and startups in the healthcare sector.


Berytech will announce the call for applications  in early 2017, hoping to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation within the faculty. We look forward to putting a whole ecosystem of support to the service of young students and getting the first wave of innovators and startups in the health technology sector.


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